Impact is the Purpose

Humans are increasingly inclined towards finding their purpose, or choosing to believe in a purpose they see. As we explore the meaning of our existence through our career, possessions, and status, it is high time we chose to seek making an impact as one of our primary purposes. Because we know that purpose without an impact is a good intention wasted, and impact without a purpose is good effort frittered away. But together they have the power to change the world. So why should we stop at anything less than that? 

We have come a long way in addressing problems, finding the balance between pointing fingers and accepting accountability, asking questions, and seeking changes – however, this is not enough. The time to take it upon ourselves as a responsibility to seek answers, implement solutions, and create change by becoming one, is now. Because there is no impact without the ‘I’.

As a global social impact enterprise, The World We Want has taken a leap towards making a difference by creating PI- our mantra and our answer to what we do. It is our metric of measuring each step we take towards achieving our purpose of creating a world ready and capable of positive action and change. 

Pi is our benchmark to assess how far we have moved the needle with each project. For instance, The World We Want along with Global Open Data for Agriculture & Nutrition (GODAN), organized a two-day summit with the purpose of making all data in agriculture and nutrition freely available. To exhibit the impact of open data for agriculture and nutrition around the world, for the first time in known history, world leaders and prominent international figures shared a forum with researchers, farmers, students, and public, private, and non-­profit organizations.

Our Pi? The World We Want created a multi-­layered campaign reaching 2.7 billion readers, which saw coverage in over 250 media outlets with our hashtags trending all throughout the summit. We are now working with GODAN to launch the open data revolution in the private sector as well, to ensure that one day there is not a person in the world going to sleep on an empty stomach.

Every second, we strive to make this world the one we want, and the only thing we are short of is your resolution. Join us in our endeavour towards building a happy, healthy, happening, and a hyper–prosperous world for all of us, by making your purpose your meaning, and every action an impact.

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