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Meet the 18-Year-Old Spreading CPR Instruction Around the World

After her grandfather passed away from cardiac arrest, Akshara Ramasamy started Idhayam, which hosts online CPR training sessions to promote good health and wellbeing around the world.

Vaccine uptake lowest across all ethnic minorities

Data from a detailed study conducted by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has revealed that vaccine uptake is lowest across all ethnic minorities as calls for efforts to rebuild trust in public health to help encourage greater vaccine participation to grow.

Global efforts to tackle vaccine inequality gathers momentum

Some of the world’s biggest names have come together to call for a ‘people’s vaccine’ in which the equipment and treatment is made available through the lifting of patents, and the open sharing of technology and knowledge is made global so that the whole world can make great strides forward in putting the coronavirus behind us.

OPINION: Hunger and Poverty in India: What is it like amidst COVID-19?

India has been a developing country for over a decade now. And, the country has definitely developed. In the last three years, India pulled 75 million people out of poverty; in the last ten years, the number rises to an impressive 271 million people. However, poverty is still a significant issue in the country. In 2019, Oxfam reported that over 14% of the Indian population lives in poverty. The COVID-19 pandemic has only worsened the economy and living situations for Indian citizens.

UK aid arrives in India as second waves continues to devastate

The first international shipment of medical supplies has arrived in India as the country is in the midst of one of the worst second waves experienced by any country during the pandemic.

1.4M less people not receiving crucial treatment for Tuberculosis

The World We Want, has launched an inspiring call to action to break the silence around menstruation.

Menstruation Hygiene Awareness Month: The World We Want Launches #GetWithIt Campaign to Break the Silence Around Menstruation

The World We Want, has launched an inspiring call to action to break the silence around menstruation.

New TV campaign launches to encourage BAME community to get Covid vaccine

Some of the most popular celebrities from BAME backgrounds joined together in an urgent call for action.

UN Report on The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2019

The report revealed alarming figures of both a hunger and obesity crisis affecting people globally.

Using open data to achieve global food security

GODAN is one organisation which is leading the global efforts to make agricultural and nutritionally relevant data available for millions around the world.

Widespread COVID-19 testing could prove pivotal in economic recovery

With lockdowns set to ease and countries looking to return to normal, ensuring that testing is efficient will prevent any further setbacks which could have devastating consequences.

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