• International Renewable Energy Agency

    The International Renewable Energy Agency is an intergovernmental organization mandated to facilitate cooperation, advance knowledge, and promote the adoption and sustainable use of renewable energy.

  • Give Power

    Addresses energy poverty by providing solar-powered lighting to schools that lack access to electricity.

  • The Honnold Foundation

    The Honnold Foundation aims to promote equitable access to power worldwide. While the organization does work both domestically and abroad, many of its projects in Africa have focused on the distribution of solar lanterns and pay-as-you-go energy programs. These programs provide power to remote, off-grid communities. 

  • The Energy Gang

    Tune in for a weekly discussions about the latest trends in energy, cleantech, renewables, and the environment from Wood Mackenzie!

  • The curse of 'white oil': electric vehicles' dirty secret – podcast

    The race is on to find a steady source of lithium, a key component in rechargeable electric car batteries. But while the EU focuses on emissions, the lithium gold rush threatens environmental damage on an industrial scale.

  • The Energy Transition Show with Chris Nelder

    Long-time energy expert Chris Nelder interviews some of the smartest and most knowledgeable people in energy, exploring global infrastructure and markets during the ongoing transition away from fossil fuels!

  • Bill Gates-Backed Carbon Capture Plant Does The Work Of 40 Million Trees

    In Squamish, British Columbia, there’s a company that wants to stop climate change by sucking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.
    Watch their phenomenal work here:

  • Catching the Sun

    Follow this story about the race to lead the clean energy future between an unemployed American worker, Tea Party protester and Chinese solar entrepreneur.

  • The 'duck curve' is solar energy's greatest challenge

    Electricity is incredibly difficult to store, so grid operators have to generate it at the exact moment it is demanded. In order to do this, they create incredibly accurate models of the total electric loads, that is how much energy will be consumed on a given day. Understand what the curve is from this brilliant video by Vox

  • Investors jumpstart battery funding to plug clean energy gap

    Advances in power generation and transportation will be key in the race to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. And at the heart of the new energy-transport nexus lies a technology that is capturing the interest of governments, corporations, and investors: the battery.

  • Geothermal energy, the forgotten renewable, has finally arrived

    Read more on the revolutionary new front of energy production here:

  • The New Energy Giants are Renewable Companies

    Meet the clean supermajors. They have the clout and financial might of the energy behemoths that plumbed the world over for oil and gas before them. But instead of digging mines and drilling wells, they’re leading the race to electrify the global economy.


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