10 Indigenous Activists Celebrating Their Cultures on Instagram

Learn about the beauty of Indigenous cultures around the world from the activists celebrating them online.

This week, the United Nations is hosting a forum dedicated to addressing Indigenous issues, attended and informed by the thousands of Indigenous communities around the world fighting for their rights and respect.

Why is that important? We’re glad you asked.

Indigenous people are the inheritors and practitioners of unique cultures with strong links to territories and natural resources in regions around the world, according to the UN. Their communities have traditionally been displaced by settler colonies, as well as forced to endure damaging and deadly assimilation tactics to strip them of their cultures and identities.

The marginalisation of these communities has led Indigenous people to be treated as second-class citizens in many parts of the world today, even as some governments have apologised for the mistakes of the past.

While The World We Want recognises the centuries-long discrimination tactics that have plagued Indigenous people around the world, we also acknowledge that these communities are more than their pain.

Indigenous cultures are varied and complex, each informed by the specific regions and natural settings that influenced them over the years. But unfortunately, the beauty of Indigenous cultures are often ignored or unacknowledged by non-Indigenous people.

Thankfully, with the help of the internet and the dedication of Indigenous activists, more people are learning about the customs of Indigenous groups around the world. And it’s only the beginning.

The World We Want has rounded up a list of 10 Indigenous activists who are active on Instagram sharing their cultures, talking about Indigenous environmental practices, and increasing the visibility of Indigenous people online.

  • Charitie Ropati, @charitieropati

  • Sumak Helena Gualinga, @helenagualinga

  • Autumn Peltier, @autumn.peltier

  • Kiley May, @artstarkiley

  • Larissa Crawford, @larissa_speaks

  • Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim, @hindououmar

  • Xiye Bastida, @xiyebeara

  • Jasilyn Charger, @jasilyncharger

  • Naelyn Pike, @naelynpike

  • Yang, @indigenousiconyang

We need to increase the visibility of Indigenous activists not only because they can inform us of how to interact with our environment and beause their rights must be ensured, but because their experiences matter. Indigenous people make up 6% of the world, joining other populations as part of a global community.

Let’s learn about the beauty of these cultures and work together to build a future where everyone, everywhere, can enjoy peace, justice, and equal rights.