• Sanitation First

    Sanitation First has a vision of everyone having access to a safe and hygienic toilet. Toilets are the stepping-stones towards a better future for people living in acute poverty, as basic sanitation is the linchpin that connects all other forms of development. Without improved sanitation, poverty will not be eradicated.

  • We are Water Foundation

    A non-profit organisation, set up in 2010 with the aim of contributing to the resolution of problems derived from the lack of water and sanitation in the world. Working on 69 projects in 26 countries.

  • The Global Water Foundation (GWF)

    The Global Water Foundation (GWF) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to delivering clean water and sanitation to the world’s neediest communities. Headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, with offices in Sarasota, Florida, and Raleigh, North Carolina, in the United States, the GWF’s goal is to raise public awareness, contribute technical assistance and fund programs to improve water quality and provide adequate sanitation in schools, rural areas and other communities across developing nations.

  • We All Live Downstream - Clean Water Action Podcast

    Each episode features interviews with a prominent environmental or clean water activists discussing their work in the field. The podcast delves into themes ranging from safe drinking water to climate change, environmental justice, plastic pollution, and dangerous chemicals.

  • Availability of Clean Water Crisis

    This episode will discuss the crisis of clean water and what you can do to help. Tune in!

  • Providing clean water and sanitation always

    Meet Mark Dyson, Vice President of Mobile Water Services, and Manuel Valles, Industrial Development Manager, of Veolia Water Technologies in Spain, to learn how they collaborated to provide emergency mobile water units to assist more than 40,000 people in regaining access to safe drinking water following Hurricane Irma’s aftermath.

  • Waterschool

    Follow the adventures of numerous young female students who live beside six main rivers in the world: the Amazon, Mississippi, Danube, Nile, Ganges, and Yangtze. This stirring film highlights the value of education and how we can all engage as water conservation ambassadors.

  • Brave Blue World: Racing to Solve Our Water Crisis

    This documentary examines how new technologies and ground-breaking inventions might help ensure the planet’s water future is sustainable. You’ll learn about advancements in water reuse, nutrient recovery, energy generation, decentralized treatment, and water digitization.

  • There’s Something in the Water

    Are you interested in examining environmental racism and water pollution? The film explores the disproportionate effect of water pollution on Black Canadian and First Nations communities in Nova Scotia.

  • Water Wars in Mumbai

    This academic paper talks about the complicated politics of water in Mumbai today. It explores how the city’s social and political elites demonise the efforts of people in Mumbai’s slums to keep their communities hydrated.

  • Access to water can make a big difference

    Water is limited and out of reach for many in Somalia after decades of recurrent turmoil. But read this to see how a large-scale water and sanitation project can transform lives!

  • The Last Taboo: Opening the Door on the Global Sanitation Crisis

    In the byways of the developing world, much is quietly happening on the excretory frontier. The authors bring this awkward subject to a wider audience so that people without political clout or economic muscle can claim their right to a dignified and hygienic place to go.


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