• Physicians for Peace

    Physicians for Peace is an international organization that educates and trains healthcare workers in under-resourced communities and expands their skills and medical knowledge base. Through its programs, the organization trains and helps local surgeons to heal patients in their own communities.

    They ombine training with theory to teach new techniques in surgery and supports each community where it works, through the network of partners.

  • Village Reach

    The Village Reach was established in 2000 and since then it works on improving access to healthcare in developing countries by partnering with businesses, governments, and other organizations, with an aim to strengthen local infrastructure in rural areas and facilitate the delivery of medical supplies. The headquarters of the organization is in Seattle, Washington, the US, with countries offices in Mozambique, Malawi, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Africa.

  • Bridge of Life

    Bridge of Life (BoL) is an international non-profit organization working globally to strengthen healthcare, mainly through sustainable programs that treat and prevent chronic disease. The vision of BoL is a world where all human beings has access to quality healthcare. The organization empowers local community health workers and patients through education and training to achieve sustainable changes in healthcare.

  • Global Caveat

    Learn about current issues in the vast subject of global health with experts Diana Klatt and Susanna Park. Your curiosity about the relationship between health and science, and how we can all work together to improve health, humanity, and the environment, will be awakened as you listen to these episodes!

  • Public Health United

    Listen to the voices of public health experts as they dispel myths and misperceptions in global health!

  • Leading with Health

    The podcast explores social change through the prism of health care. If you like science and healthcare and want to make the world a better place, then this podcast is for you.

  • Lifelines - How To Slay A Dragon

    The documentary is on Draculiasis, most commonly referred to as Guinea Worm. As we journey through the history of this particular condition, this film will demonstrate that transformation is possible. It will stimulate your brain, prompting you to consider such questions as what enabled this illness to be fought so successfully. Was it the result of the efforts of an international group of public health professionals?

  • Heroin(e)

    This award-winning short film delves deep into the public health crisis of drug overdoses, with a particular emphasis on the Huntington (the drug overdose capital of the US). A group of strong women are banding together to reclaim their town from the shackles of addiction via the use of instruments of compassion. Available on Netflix!

  • Future of global health in times of change

    Countries worldwide are experiencing disruptions in the functioning of health systems. While the Covid-19 virus does not discriminate, its impacts do – affecting those most fragile and vulnerable. The pandemic has revealed the fragility of our health and food systems like no other crisis has done in living memory.

  • Surgery Could Save Millions of Lives in Developing Countries

    In impoverished countries, surgical operations are among the most cost-effective health interventions. Essential surgical operations could avert 1.5 million deaths every year if they were more generally available. Around 2 billion individuals lack access to surgical services such as Caesarean sections and fracture repair, despite the fact that such procedures are available in district hospitals in developing countries

  • A perfect storm - health inequalities and the impact of COVID-19

    The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated unequivocally how these existing inequalities – and its interconnections such as race, gender, or location – are related with an elevated chance of contracting a disease such as COVID-19. Find out more by reading this article 

  • House on Fire: The Fight to Eradicate Smallpox

    Read this book to learn how smallpox, a disease that killed, blinded, and scarred millions throughout human history, was eradicated completely in a remarkable triumph of medicine and public health. The book chronicles the incredible program that brought together people from all around the world in the pursuit of a single goal—to eradicate smallpox for good!


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