• Akshaya Patra

    A non-profit organisation in India that operates a school lunch programme, to counter classroom hunger and aid in education of children.

  • Global Open Data for Agriculture & Nutrition

    GODAN is a rapidly growing network of over 1000 global innovators across national governments, non-governmental organisations, and international and private sector organisations implementing innovations that help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goal 2 – ending global hunger, achieving food security, improving nutrition and sustainable agriculture by 2030.

  • World Food Programme

    The leading humanitarian organization saving lives and changing lives, delivering food assistance in emergencies and working with communities to improve nutrition and build resilience.

  • The Economist Intelligence

    “The risk of hunger remains—not for lack of food, but for lack of money”—covid-19 and food supplies.

  • Confronting obesity in Europe: Taking action to change the default setting

    Europe is facing an obesity crisis of epidemic proportions, one that threatens to overwhelm the EU’s already struggling economies and place a tremendous burden on its healthcare systems.

  • Money Talks - How to keep feeding the world

    The Economist traces an $8trn food chain back from fork to farm to investigate the weak links.

  • In the ‘food deserts’ of Memphis, Tennessee, dominated by fast food outlets and convenience stores, locals lack what seems a basic human right in the richer half of the city: a supermarket. With a big gap in life expectancy, are these Americans doomed to die younger than their neighbours – or can they fight for their right to nutrition? The Guardian attempts to answer the questions via this video.

  • The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World

    This video by the FAO gives an updated estimate of the number of hungry people in the world, including regional and national breakdowns, and the latest data on child stunting and wasting as well as on adult and child obesity.

  • What is food insecurity? An explanation

    Food insecurity is the reason 925 million people go to bed hungry despite there being enough food to feed the planet. Thomson Reuters Foundation explains what food (in)security is, and why it is important.

  • Hunger: The Oldest Problem. By Martín Caparrós

    Every year, nine million people die of starvation. In Hunger, award-winning author Martin Caparros goes in search of why, in the 21st century, most of the world’s inhabitants still go hungry daily. In search of the mechanisms that cause this mass starvation and the battles against it, he travels to places where food is scarce – Niger and Northern India, as well as to the cattle grounds of Argentina, the world’s biggest beef exporter, and on to the Chicago Food Bank to learn more about the power of food distributors.

  • The Doubly Green Revolution: Food for All in the Twenty-First Century

    Today more than three quarters of a billion people go hungry in a world where food is plentiful. A distinguished scientist here sets out an agenda for addressing this situation.

  • The World Is Headed for a Food Security Crisis. Here's How We Can Avert It

    By 2050, with the global population expected to reach 9.8 billion, our food supplies will be under far greater stress. Demand will be 60% higher than it is today, but climate change, urbanization, and soil degradation will have shrunk the availability of arable land, according to the World Economic Forum. Add water shortages, pollution, and worsening inequality into the mix and the implications are stark.

George Clooney Fighting Hunger Crisis

5 Celebrities Fighting Against Hunger

Hunger is a severe issue that impacts numerous countries worldwide. Around 821 million people worldwide do not have access to sufficient amounts of food to live a healthy life.

OPINION: Hunger and Poverty in India: What is it like amidst COVID-19?

India has been a developing country for over a decade now. And, the country has definitely developed. In the last three years, India pulled 75 million people out of poverty; in the last ten years, the number rises to an impressive 271 million people. However, poverty is still a significant issue in the country. In 2019, Oxfam reported that over 14% of the Indian population lives in poverty. The COVID-19 pandemic has only worsened the economy and living situations for Indian citizens.

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The World We Want, has launched an inspiring call to action to break the silence around menstruation.