• Resilient Cities Network

    The world’s leading urban resilience network. We bring together global knowledge, practice, partnerships, and funding to empower our members to build safe and equitable cities for all.

  • International Urban Food Network

    IUFN is a sustainable food systems for city regions international hub, bringing together [the] international research community and local authorities around local food challenge[s].

  • UN Habitat

    UN-Habitat promotes urbanization as a positive transformative force for people and communities, reducing inequality, discrimination and poverty.

  • The Sustainable(ish) Podcast

    Learn everything there is to learn about sustainability with different episodes of this podcast. From carbon footprint to climate action, Jen Gale discusses it all.

  • Deep Dive: Net Zero Cities in China

    Dr. Pan Tao in China talks about achieving sustainable cites and the things to consider to make this a reality.

  • Where to Next for Smart Cities and Communities? (Part 9)

    Learn about smart cities from the angle of sustainability; not the usual environmental sustainability, but sustainable funding, access to sustainable resources, etc.

  • Atlantis Real Estate

    A fascinating short film by Yatri Niehaus with the question, “We’re changing the climate, who changes us?” at its core.

  • The Conductor

    Is ‘citywide plant anarchy’ what we need? What is that? Betahny Borg demonstrates in her short film.

  • Smart Cities - Building for The Cities of Tomorrow (Documentary, 2015)

    More people than ever are living in cities. Humans would soon be a predominantly urban species. But, with this move comes numerous problems. Explore those problems, and ways to solve them here.

  • Indian Businesses can Lead Global Action on Sustainability

    How can Indian businesses lead global action towards sustainability? Are these businesses doing enough?

  • Opinion: What Does a Sustainable Future Actually Look Like?

    What is sustainability, what can be done to ensure it, how to better discourse surrounding it? Todd Reubold explains.

  • We Know What Sustainable Development Should Look Like. Let's Do It.

    What are SDG’s? How can they be achieved? What factors would contribute to achieving these goals. Find out here.


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Agriculture Innovation Mission for Climate more than doubles Investments to $17B, Partners to 600+, and Innovation Sprints to 78 at COP28

The Agriculture Innovation Mission for Climate (AIM for Climate), a global initiative spearheaded by the United Arab Emirates and the United States, today announced more than doubling of investments, partners, and Innovation Sprints

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Learn about the beauty of Indigenous cultures around the world from the activists celebrating them online.

5 Young Activists Raising Their Voices for Wildlife

When it feels like the climate change movement is all doom and gloom, these young activists will inspire you to take action for wildlife conservation.