Partner companies Sterling Global & The World We Want establish Amena headquarters in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Through positive action, strategic communication, and global connections, have announced the launch of their AMENA Headquarters in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The launch of the AMENA headquarters is a significant and strategic expansion for both the organisations in the fast-growing Asia, Middle East and North Africa markets, and a testament to the confidence in the region for a post covid recovery.

Sterling Global convenes countries, corporates, celebrities, charities, changemakers and thought leaders to form powerful global collaborations and create purpose and impact driven solutions. Sterling Global’s expansion into Saudi Arabia comes at an exciting year for the firm. With teams across the UK, India and now the Middle East working on critical global projects of cross-national interests, the expansion in Saudi Arabia injects new local talent and opportunities for Sterling Global to capitalise on. Sterling Global’s repertoire of clientele in the Gulf include financial firms such as Sun Global Investments, luxury brands such as Harrods, disruptive sports ventures such as Powerboat P1 championship – the Grand prix of the Seas, United Nations campaigns such as for UNESCO, agri-tech projects such as Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN), and major Hollywood and Bollywood film productions and stars.

The mission of The World We Want (WWW) is to unite and galvanise change-makers, organisations, non-profits, governments, businesses, celebrities, philanthropists, and citizens to create a world ready and capable of positive action and change. WWW does this by converting awareness of global issues into real, meaningful action by leveraging the power of empathy, unlocking the strength of multi-stakeholder collaborations, launching global communications strategies, and applying creative storytelling to shape policies and priorities.

Recent high impact campaigns include the launch of the ‘We Are Family’ initiative in partnership with the WHO Foundation and supported by the World Health Organization (WHO) to use the power of solidarity and unity to propel global citizen engagement in response to global health issues such as Covid-19 as well as driving the influencer engagement strategy for the Government of India to support the launch of the world’s largest Covid-19 vaccination drive.

The Global Chief Executive of Sterling Global and Founder of The World We Want is Natasha Mudhar, a Sustainable Development Goals campaigner and purpose ventures angel investor whose career spans almost two decades. Her impactful insights and intuitive understanding of business, brand, market, and consumer alike, make her the go­‐to authority for global entities, whether it is for growth and entry strategies, advisory and consultancy, leading international communications strategies or indeed setting and managing corporate sustainability agendas.

The AMENA Headquarters of the companies will be led by Dr. Khaled Al-Dhyaei, VP – MENA, and Mohamed Hashi, VP – Africa & Europe. Using their respective expertise and acumen, they will drive investments and initiatives in the region, not only from within the Gulf but also Africa and Europe.

Dr. Khaled Al-Dhyaei, VP – MENA runs multi-discipline international investment profiles with holdings in countries such as Canada, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf, and Africa. Dr. Al-Dhyaei has managed over $5 billion in capital and has funded a vast number of companies since inception.  Dr. Al-Dhyaei is the key lead for Sterling Global and The World We Want in the Gulf region and the brainchild behind some of the company’s most successful initiatives in the region.

Mohamed Hashi, VP – Africa & Europe is a distinguished businessman of Dutch and Somali descent, excelling in the pharmaceuticals and health sector. His diverse array of interests also expands to agriculture, automotive, and technology. His visionary and trusted relations have earned him partnerships with some of Europe’s most high- profile companies and he is the key lead for companies in Africa and Europe, spearheading various ventures in these regions.

Announcing the launch of the AMENA Headquarters in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Natasha Mudhar – the Global Chief Executive of Sterling Global and Founder of The World We Want said: “I am extremely delighted to announce the launch of Sterling Global and The World We Want in the AMENA region. Over the past few years, we have witnessed tremendous growth in business in the Gulf, and for our range of international clients seeking to enter the AMENA market. In fact, the AMENA region shares our can-do, must-do, will-do spirit of proactive and progressive thinking, and that is precisely why we are excited for the future.

“Saudi Arabia is undergoing tremendous change, fast-tracked by the Kingdom’s ambitious and transformative Vision 2030. Our expansion into the region with a base in Jeddah has therefore been a natural choice. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia also offers the perfect base to further our regional development plans in the coming years.”

Dr. Khaled Al-Dhyaei, VP – MENA said: “I am delighted to be heading the MENA region for Sterling Global and The World We Want, and excited to join Natasha Mudhar in expanding our footprint in the region. We are aware of the potential and the opportunities that the MENA region holds, and during this challenging period, we are here to provide strategic consultancy that will help companies not only to operate efficiently but grow organically.”

Mohamed Hashi, VP – Africa & Europe said: “Sterling Global and The World We Want are investing in the right markets, bridging together the developed and the developing countries, and enabling businesses to navigate across both the markets and cultures. I am excited to be working with Natasha Mudhar to propel the business forward. Companies in the region are conscious of both purpose and profit, and we are here to help them do well by doing good.”