Chef Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day







Sustainable Development Goals Impacted

Igniting a Global Conversation on the Double Child Nutrition Burden of Hunger and Obesity

The health and wellbeing of children is a critical factor affecting the potential of future generations. Statistics show that on the one hand 41 million children under five are overweight, whilst on the other 159 million are undernourished. With both extremes directly impacting healthy growth, something needed to be done on a war-footing.

The dual challenge of child obesity and undernutrition isn’t only a statistical concern but a stark reality that affects the health and potential of the world’s future generation.

The Opportunity

Food Revolution Day is a global initiative spearheaded by renowned British culinary expert and advocate, Jamie Oliver. While the traditional Food Revolution Day campaign focused on combating child obesity, The World We Want transformed Food Revolution Day into a rallying call for tackling the dual burden of child obesity and undernutrition for children in Global South countries like Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, and India.

The campaign aimed to influence governmental bodies to develop and implement robust plans to combat child obesity and undernutrition within the framework of their NDCs. Through a creative digital event, the campaign transcended geographical boundaries, highlighting the crucial role of balanced nutrition in nurturing the future generation.

The Impact

The campaign featured a seven-hour live cooking marathon that travelled across the globe, from London to various countries including Australia, India, Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, Germany, the UK, Brazil, the US, the Netherlands, and Canada. With over 22 million worldwide impressions generated through the hashtag #FoodRevolution, the live streaming event was just the beginning of our advocacy efforts.

In Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria) and India, we took the lead in the entire campaign, shedding light on the double nutrition burden affecting these regions. Our strategy encompassed political advocacy, event management, media amplification, celebrity and influencer engagement, and a wealth of surrounding content, significantly boosting the campaign’s visibility.

By enlisting a diverse group of influential figures that resonate in each market, ranging from film and sports stars to celebrity chefs, we leveraged their substantial followings to extend the campaign’s impact beyond a single day, sparking a sustained and prominent movement for child nutrition.

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Worldwide impressions generated through the hashtag