Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition Summit






Sustainable Development Goals Impacted

Driving the Open Data Revolution in Agriculture & Nutrition

Addressing global challenges in hunger, food insecurity, and nutrition requires innovative, data-driven solutions. These complex issues, impacting millions and the planet’s future, necessitate efficient, sustainable, and equitable approaches in agriculture and nutrition.

The Opportunity

GODAN (Global Open Data for Agriculture & Nutrition) stood as a pivotal force in the open data movement, advocating data-driven solutions for global food and nutrition challenges. The GODAN Summit in New York, coinciding with the UN General Assembly, aimed to unlock the potential of open data for agriculture and nutrition by 2050, amidst a projected global population of 9 billion.

The event united over 1000 world leaders, researchers, farmers, and organizations to demonstrate open data’s impact. It featured speeches, a hackathon, exhibits, and a petition handover for an open-data revolution at the UN.

The Impact

As GODAN’s global coordinator and spokesperson, The World We Want significantly contributed to the campaign’s reach and impact. Our strategic efforts led to a readership of 2.7 billion, fostering the open data revolution in agriculture and nutrition.

Our role involved enhancing the campaign’s visibility, crafting case studies on open data benefits, conducting high-level interviews, and managing media and crisis briefings. The campaign’s global resonance was evident with over 1000 delegates and coverage across 250 media outlets, advancing the vision of data-driven agriculture and nutrition for a sustainable future.

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