END7 Campaign







Sustainable Development Goals Impacted

Leading a Global Crusade against Neglected Tropical Diseases

Facing the silent threat of Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) affecting 1.4 billion people worldwide, the task was to launch a campaign that raises awareness and mobilizes funds. The goal was to bring these diseases into the global spotlight and galvanize support to eradicate their impact.

The Opportunity

END7, a public-facing initiative from the Sabin Vaccine Institute in Washington DC, engaged The World We Want to create a cross-continent awareness and fundraising campaign focused on the UK, Africa, and India. The mission was to eliminate seven NTDs by spreading vital information and securing substantial funding. We aimed to overcome geographical, linguistic, and economic barriers to impact communities affected by these diseases, advancing immunization through Truth & Trust, ensuring vaccine access, and robust blueprint for education, behavioural change, and advocacy.

The Impact

Our strategic approach positioned END7 on global platforms, garnering endorsements from eminent figures like former the President of Ghana, John Kufuor, and celebrities like Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Emily Blunt. Through familiarization trips, viral content, and collaborations with corporate and political partners, we extended our reach significantly.

In India, we led communications advocacy for the largest mass drug administration campaign against filaria at that time, involving 450 million people. This multilateral communications effort kept NTDs high on the governance agenda, influencing policymakers and ministries for decisive action.

Our commitment to proactive healthcare highlighted the power of effective messaging in overcoming health challenges.