Popular & Celebrity Culture for Good


Celebrities. We’re tapping A-­listers, tinsel-­towners, chart-­toppers. By harnessing the benevolent power of celebrity and popular culture, we have proven expertise in engaging popular and celebrity culture, developing national and international communication strategies.


Pop culture. We help the right stars shine on your business or cause. Pop culture is king in today’s society, and more people than ever before can achieve stardom – which means there are even more ways to bring attention to your cause. We understand that star power can develop national and international communication strategies, using luminaries for storytelling and advocacy for launches or projects.


Real and present. The pressing issues facing the world call for immediate response and participation. Celebrity and pop culture influencers can reach new audiences and can help support a social good cause far more effectively than a conventional campaign. Sometimes issues such as a far-away famine or a national cleanliness drive can only reach audiences if there are big names backing them, calling the public to action.


Front-­page news. With the power of pop culture, these stories hit the headlines as breaking news. A celebrity’s advocacy can move public opinion – films and television programmes can drive awareness of a particular issue. But the challenge remains in engaging a personality for a cause who is best suited to champion it, a personality whose words ring true to the issue at hand. Our role is to identify the ambassador and meld creativity with strategy to ensure dynamic delivery and dazzling impact.


Force for good.  Think of it as the red carpet of change. We turn fans into enthusiastic participants, we convert fence-sitters into active voices, we co-opt opinion-leaders into the movement. With the advent of social media, there are more ways than ever for mega-influencers to show their support for causes. We have the global experience and connections to advise brands, companies and people on how to harness the power of popular culture. From artists, musicians, film stars, cultural leaders to millions of their ardent followers.