Impact Avengers

Harnessing a Network of Global Influencers for Change

In a world brimming with complexity, individual efforts to tackle global challenges can often seem like drops in the ocean. The need for a coordinated, amplified response is clear – a response that can unite the voices and efforts of those dedicated to positive global change.

The Opportunity

This is where IMPACT Avengers steps in – a digital think-tank and action-oriented collective poised to make waves. We’re creating a digital marketplace that features a formidable alliance of public figures, icons, business leaders, cultural tastemakers, media barons, activists, change-makers, and thought-leaders. Together, they will join forces to ideate, campaign, and advocate for accelerated progress and sustainable innovation on key issues.

The Platform

Starting as a digital think-tank, The IMPACT Avengers will leverage their combined networks, voices, and reach to evangelize missions, amplify success stories, and shine a light on problem areas. Inspired by the unity of the Avengers, each member will bring their unique superpowers to the team, playing a special role in this movement of change.

The Impact

Admiral McRaven’s insight provides a powerful validation for our approach: “If every one of you changed the lives of just 10 people — and each one of those folks changed the lives of another 10 people — just 10 — then in five generations, the class of 2014 will have changed the lives of 800 million people.” With this mindset, The IMPACT Avengers aim to catalyze a ripple effect of positive transformation, inspiring others to join the mission and contribute to a legacy of impact that extends to every corner of the globe.

Their collective efforts are amplified by a disruptive multi-media global communication campaign, engaging social media content, and direct advocacy to bring attention to significant issues and perspectives that are often overlooked. In the spirit of Admiral William H. McRaven’s words, The IMPACT Avengers believe that even a small group of influencers can drive monumental change among the global population.