A global Social
Our Pledge, Our Promise
The World We Want creates & co-curates global movements for a planet that is free, fair and future ready, for everyone, everywhere.
We are a global social impact enterprise launched to accelerate the achievement of the SDGs by 2030, through positive action, strategic communication and global connections.

Our mission is to unite and galvanise change-makers, organisations, non-profits, governments, businesses, celebrities, philanthropists and citizens to create a world ready and capable of positive action and change.

We do this by converting awareness of global issues into real, meaningful action by leveraging the power of empathy, unlocking the strength of multi-stakeholder collaborations, launching global communications strategies, and applying creative storytelling, to shape policies and priorities.

We also leverage our own powerful properties to further the SDGs agenda – our measurement metric of Pi (Purpose x Impact), our newly minted gold standard recognising individuals and organizations committed to “doing well by doing good”, the Belief Mark, and our open-to-all, “purposeful ideas” incubator CoLab.

We realise that to create exponential engagement and positive mass involvement, we need to explore marketing insights often drawn from 5 key life triggers: Entertainment. Sports. Business. Fashion. Food. In doing so we will help to decentralise the conversation around the SDGs to demonstrate the simplicity of positive action. Based on these touch-points, we are building seamless campaigns, compelling content, unique properties and exclusive events which we call Accelerators.

Our Values

  • Conscious Capitalism
    It’s a cherished practice - doing good by leading our lives and conducting our business with conscience.
  • Purposeful Action
    It’s all believing – working to champion a cause and finding a lasting and impactful solution.
  • Collective Impact
    It’s uniting to succeed – collaborating freely and generously without borders of country, sector or talent.
  • Open
    It’s buoyed by imagination and innovation – leaping from the best of ancient wisdom with modern thinking, energy and creativity.
  • Deep Empathy
    It’s about a connection – feeling for others, acting with passion, being in love with life, holding ideals closely.
  • Delightful Diversity
    It’s embracing difference – learning from the cultures and characters that surround us.