We want to empower everyone, everywhere to ACT, BUILD, CHANGE, DO, though the power of storytelling, creating a world free from poverty, fair for all, and future-ready.

“A happy, healthy, happening, hyper – prosperous world. For all of us.

Despite what the reality seems to be. Despite the naysayers and doomsdayers. We can sit around hoping for things to change. Or we can get out there and fix what’s broken. We’ve got to be faster than the pace of destruction. Crazier than our climate. Niftier than social erosion.

We’ve got to outrun time, beat the odds and buck the trend. But hey, we’re not afraid to follow our purpose. And we’re counting on the collective strength of people, ideas, networks and technologies to back us. Right to the ends of the earth.”

We do this by:

Unlocking the collective strength of people, ideas, stories, networks, media, and technology, to address the world’s most critical challenges and accelerate change

Leveraging the power of storytelling to inspire conversations, mobilise movements, foster a purposeful mindset and create empathy

Building ground-up strategies, utilising global communications, leveraging multi-stakeholder collaborations, and co-creating solutions with partners

Ensuring our activities ultimately inspire positive action and mobilise social movements and purposeful change