The COVID-19 pandemic has been a reality-check for us all, showing us our immense capacity to adapt to the new world order, our resilience in the face of the seemingly unsurmountable and the urgent need to discover our real priorities.

The pandemic has impacted each of the UN’s SDGs in various capacities, and added to the pre-existing yearly funding gap of over US$3 trillion to achieve the goals by 2030, essentially stalling SDGs action.

With less than a decade left, there is an urgent need to get back on track, ramp up our efforts to reverse the slowdown and recharge our actions to bring our attention back to achieving the Goals.And we believe that key to creating systemic, purposeful change lies in the power of the collective, the power of solidarity and the superhuman things that can be achieved if we work together, work harder, and work smarter to convert our awareness of issues into real meaningful action.

This is why we have launched an action plan, our HUMANIFESTO – ACT. BUILD. CHANGE. DO. to inspire shape-shifting strategies, daring innovations, and amazing technological breakthroughs, to create The World We Want.

ACT. BUILD. CHANGE.DO. informs the innermost wheel, the fulcrum of our vision. At the next circle of purpose, we will examine how this impacts basic human values, needs and rights. At the outermost wheel, the periphery, we will make it work smarter to achieve the UN SDGs.

We are looking to use our 4 momentum words to address the way we push ahead on the UN SDGs. We want to carry with us people with a purpose mindset, willing to roll up their sleeves and make progress happen. We want to create communities with a social conscience. We don’t want to waste a minute because, frankly, that is no longer an option.

This is the way we approach the year ahead.

We want to utilise the power of togetherness. We all have the same end goal in sight – a world that is prosperous, healthy and free of prejudice and inequality. But our ideas are different, a good different.

That is why we are inviting individuals, organisations, corporates and governments join us and ideate with as one to create a more collaborative and inclusive movement aligned to SDGs action.

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Together we can

Together we will be unstoppable.