Natasha Mudhar is an award-winning business leader, global communication strategist, and veteran architect of social initiatives for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to create systemic and transformative impact.

Recognising common purpose and synergies through multi-stakeholder collaboration, Natasha has forged partnerships between governments, enterprises, international organisations, non-profits, philanthropies, and popular culture leaders to convert awareness of global issues into wide-reaching and meaningful action.

Major players across continents, cultures and domains lean on Natasha’s expertise across corporate, sustainability and entertainment domains to bend the arc of their vision to demonstrate sustainable purpose and achieve scalable impact. In the process, she has found her true calling, her raison d’etre – doing well by doing good.

Natasha has over 18 years of experience in shaping public narratives, storytelling and spearheading impactful global solutions at the intersection of public and private spheres. Through a targeted systems thinking approach, she looks to tackle complex challenges across climate action, health, ESGs, youth mobilisation and women empowerment. She is passionate about unleashing innovation and collaboration to narrow the divide between communities, and championing inclusivity, diversity, and equity for all.

As the appointed India Director of the United Nations’ Global Goals, Natasha was instrumental in making the SDGs famous to more than 1.3 billion people in India. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Natasha conceptualised and implemented a global digital broadcast, We for India: Saving Lives Protecting Livelihoods, which mobilised $5mn in relief funds for the long-term recovery of vulnerable minorities in India. Natasha has also served as the global communications strategist for the Commonwealth to promote trade, innovation and investment among its 56 member states, with more than half from the Global South.

A sought-after public speaker, Natasha has spoken at numerous events around the world to inspire action for the SDGs, global solidarity, the power of popular culture for social good, and why businesses must adopt a ‘purpose beyond profit’ mindset. She also leads the efforts of her family’s foundation for philanthropic efforts and outreach in India focusing on women’s health and education.