We are a breakthrough Global Impact Consultancy, a collective of thinkers and doers, on a mission to transform awareness of global challenges into inspired action, driving change for people and planet.

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Our approach involves amplifying, co-curating, and funding ventures through our proprietary Storytelling 2.0 technique within our comprehensive strategy and advisory framework. We blend holistic consultancy, strategic communications, creative ingenuity, celebrity advocacy, and unique collaborations to reshape policies, mobilize resources, and change cultural mindsets, for measurable social impact.

Originating from the Purpose Lab within the multi-award winning business and communications consultancy Sterling Global, our diverse international team of strategists, storytellers, and crisis navigators work towards advocating for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

From launching the SDGs to 1.3 billion people in markets like India to spearheading ground-breaking campaigns worldwide, we navigate through journeys to create a world that is equitable, inclusive, and sustainable for people and the planet. We strive to end global poverty, reduce inequalities, and address the climate crisis by 2030.

We activate our proprietary Storytelling 2.0 methodology that combines strategic insights, creative tactics, and a deep understanding of audience engagement to transform narratives into powerful tools for immersive, interactive, and transformative action.

We leverage liquid and experiential storytelling to create a bond between the audience and our message, making every campaign a deeply personal and collective journey.

In our hands, Storytelling 2.0 is a powerful tool for change, whether it’s through communication, collaboration, creativity, or leveraging celebrity culture. Here’s how we do it:

  • we advance consultancy

    We integrate Storytelling 2.0 with advisory and consultancy expertise, guiding organizations through complex challenges. We craft compelling narratives and strategic blueprints for change, enhancing missions and focusing on social impact and ESG outcomes.

    • – Strategic Planning
    • – Policy Analysis & Advocacy
    • – ESG Strategy Integration
    • – Capacity Building
    • – Stakeholder Engagement
    • – Narrative Development

  • we utilise communications

    We amalgamate Storytelling 2.0 with global media engagement and innovative collaborations, crafting strategic plans that catalyze impactful change. This approach propels organizations, ignites meaningful dialogues, and fosters social movements, driving transformative outcomes that resonate across communities and sectors.

    • – Global media engagement
    • – Thought-leadership
    • – Developing campaigns
    • – Crisis communications
    • – Behavioural Economics
    • – Theories of Change

  • we cultivate collaborations

    Embracing collaborative action, we use Storytelling 2.0 to connect diverse perspectives and strengths, creating a world where potential is fully realized and unsung heroes across different fields are recognized. Our stakeholder engagement spans multiple sectors, from celebrities to non-profits, mobilizing grassroots and political advocacy.

    • – Multi-sector stakeholder engagement (celebrities, influencers, corporations, activists, industry leaders, governments, philanthropies, non-profits.)
    • – Mobilise grassroots advocacy
    • – Political advocacy
    • – Media amplification
    • – Unique event experiences

  • we harness creativity

    Leveraging Storytelling 2.0, we create captivating content across various mediums. Our strategic creativity and experimentation ensure content resonates with audiences and aligns with campaign goals. We emphasize community empowerment and cultural relevance, driving meaningful change through diverse voices.

    • – Content creation
    • – Design and develop digital experiences
    • – Artistic collaboration
    • – Multimedia storytelling

  • we capitalise on celebrity culture

    We use the power of celebrity culture, partnering with influencers to elevate campaigns with Storytelling 2.0. Our methodology enhances global message amplification, connects with audiences through relatable channels like film, music, to fashion, and promotes societal progress by bridging diverse groups through shared experiences.

    • – Recruiting celebrities
    • – Digital influencer engagement and management
    • – Social impact journey advisory to personalities
    • – Content creation and distribution

Our theory of change

Our mission unfolds through a powerful, cyclical journey of transformation: Awareness, Action, and Change. Each stage in this journey is underpinned by our dynamic Act. Build. Change. Do. (ABCD) framework, driving us from vision to impact.

A for Act:
Act with Purpose:
We initiate our transformative journey by igniting awareness with purposeful storytelling and strategic communication. Spotlighting urgent issues, we captivate hearts and minds, laying the groundwork for actionable change. Explore how we promote agricultural innovation through global advocacy.

B for Build:
Build with Innovation:
Infused with innovation, our awareness leads to action. We develop cutting-edge strategies and solutions that empower organizations and communities to embrace change and take impactful actions. Explore how we successfully launched the SDGs to 1.3bn people in India.

C for Change:
Change with Impact:
From action springs transformative change. We drive this by shifting paradigms, mobilizing resources, transforming policies, and fostering behavior and culture shifts, all culminating in measurable impact through our strategic Accelerators. Explore how our impact film campaign encouraged the India goverment to abolish the tax on sanitary pads.

D for Do:
Do it Sustainably:
Sustainability anchors our change, ensuring the longevity of our impact. We're committed to transforming intentions into sustainable outcomes and measuring progress to maintain the positive change we've set in motion, contributing to our collective legacy. Explore how we mobilised grassroot activism for global unity during COVID-19 for WHO.

Leading with Vision: Natasha Mudhar – The World She Wants.

The World We Want stands as a testament to the transformative power of visionary women leaders. At the forefront of this revolutionary movement is Natasha Mudhar, an enterprising and mission-driven social entrepreneur, pioneering ventures at the nexus of media, technology, and entertainment.
Boasting over twenty years of experience, Natasha masterfully wields her extensive network and storytelling prowess to effectuate global change, in line with the SDGs. Her profound impact as a thought leader and SDG advocate is underscored by her tenure as the UN’s Global Goals India Director, a role in which she innovatively galvanized engagement with the goals across India’s 1.3+ billion population.
As a formidable catalyst for change herself, Natasha has personally mobilised an impressive $380 million in impact investments and has steered over 80 groundbreaking projects in more than 130 countries, touching the lives of over 2.5 billion people. Her agility in driving change and her connections with a network of global leaders, investors, cultural icons, and policymakers cement her status as an influential and effective force in the realm of social impact.
Her unyielding dedication is rooted in the conviction that “no one should be left behind” due to their social or environmental circumstances and that everyone, irrespective of background, can prosper and influence their future.
Adding some ZunZun

Every commitment begins with passion. Every goal starts with a purpose. Every effort stems from a belief. And that is why our vision is inspired by the indomitable spirit of a hummingbird, who we call ZunZun, that flies in the face of the impossible.

More ZunZun

  • We embody her spirited essence to transform awareness into decisive, purposeful action across continents.
  • ZunZun symbolizes empathy, wisdom, resilience, perceptiveness, and vibrant diversity. She has the sensitivity to see the unseen and hear the unspoken needs of our world.
  • The colourful narrator of stories from around the world, she helps steer our mission toward impactful, sustainable change.