SDGs Impact Summit







Sustainable Development Goals Impacted

Curating a Platform for Global Collaboration between the Global North and Global South towards SDGs Action

While the SDGs set a crucial global agenda, achieving them requires overcoming significant obstacles. Key challenges include fostering collaborative efforts and bridging the divide between the Global North and South to unite various sectors towards a common goal.

The Opportunity

We recognised the need to catalyse collaboration between the Global North and South to meet the SDGs. The inaugural SDGs Impact Summit in India was a pioneering effort to raise awareness and spur collective action towards the 2030 vision.

The event brought together over 500 delegates, including substantial representation of disruptors, problem solvers, storytellers, and leaders from the Global South, providing a stage for exchange, inspiration, and strategic dialogue.

The Impact

The Summit became a nexus for action and innovation, hosting engaging plenary talks, breakout sessions, a global hackathon, and high-level networking hosted by the Global South. It succeeded in elevating SDG awareness and underscored the urgency of developing effective solutions to achieve these goals.

Now in its fifth year, the SDGs Impact Summit continues to explore innovative approaches to realize the 2030 vision, making significant contributions to global advancement.