The Let’s Talk! Summit for Women’s Health







Sustainable Development Goals Impacted

Breaking Taboos: Leading Global Conversations on Women's Health

Addressing women’s health issues, often shrouded in taboos and stigma, requires bold, transformative conversations. The challenge was to break the silence and lead global dialogues on these critical topics.

The Opportunity

Unveiling the hushed realities surrounding women’s health, the Let’s Talk! Summit in Antalya, Turkey, emerged as a vibrant crucible of ideas, dialogues, and solutions. Spearheaded by philanthropist and global supermodel Natalia Vodianova, in collaboration with her charitable platform Elbi and the UNFPA, this exceptional gathering drew together influential figures from diverse sectors such as eminent experts, activists, policy makers and business figures.

Turkey’s First Lady, Emine Erdoğan, highlighted the event’s commitment to gender empowerment. Facilitated by The World We Want, the Summit focused on fostering dialogue, challenging taboos, and delivering insights to propel women’s health initiatives forward. Its primary goal was to spark candid discussions and establish actionable pathways for advancing women’s health globally.

The Impact

As the global communication orchestrator, we executed a wide array of activities, ranging from event coordination to media relations and speaker engagement. The Summit drew the participation of 750 international delegates, while global positioning media coverage.

Our efforts not only amplified the event’s worldwide resonance but also laid a sturdy foundation for the expansion of the ‘Let’s Talk!’ series across diverse geographical locations, including India, Kenya, and Davos.