The World We Want (WWW) is a global impact platform dedicated to addressing the world’s most critical challenges and accelerating social change.

We orchestrate Partnerships, build Strategies & Execution roadmaps, capitalise our Global Ecosystems, and Catalyse & Empower action to shape public narratives where it matters most.

WWW converts intentions into action, transcends borders by uniting and galvanising change-makers and organisations for greater advocacy. We build ground-up strategies, utilise global communications, leverage multi-stakeholder collaborations and co-develop solutions to mobilise social movements.

Founded in 2018 as a Sterling Global subsidiary, our experienced team of strategists, advocates, communicators/storytellers, and resource optimisers bridge the gaps in global issues through systems thinking and a collaborative, process-driven framework.

Creating new pathways for resiliency and progress, WWW is steadfastly committed to realising a more sustainable, inclusive, and equitable future for both people and planet.

In this criticIn this critical decade for action, we are pioneering catalysts and advocates for the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 – the global blueprint for the future.

Envisioning the world we want, we believe in the power of the collective and solidarity to bridge divides, especially between the Global North and Global South, to build a truly global village where no one is left behind.

The WWW approach is guided by our proprietary performance metric:

Purpose x Impact = Pi

Purpose without impact is good intention wasted, and impact without purpose is misspent effort. Pi is our benchmark and outcome on every project. It measures intent and efforts, while delivering specific solutions that help to move the needle.

Our Pledge, Our Promise

To empower everyone, everywhere to ACT, BUILD, CHANGE, DO to create a sustainable, inclusive and future-ready world.

Our Values, Our Purpose:






The World We Want will never be content with the status quo. We will shake apathy, share ideas, and shape behaviour to achieve the pressing goals before us. We Act, Build. Change. Do. by: • Stitching together unusual and creative collaborations across the globe • Forging surprising and powerful connections between unlikely partners • Leveraging the combination to achieve exponential results

The World We Want will never give in to fear of failure or get daunted by the enormity of the task. We are not afraid to take challenges head-on and seize the day with both hands. We Act, Build. Change. Do. by: • Venturing into new markets, offering insight-driven advisory and exploring untapped opportunities • Turning purpose and passion into prime movers for progress through global communications and impactful storytelling • Harnessing the collective strength of people, ideas, media, networks and technologies

The World We Want is acutely aware that it is a race against the clock. We are determined to outrun time, beat the odds and buck the trend, because slowing down is not an option. We Act, Build. Change. Do. by: • Proving that every effort, every day can make a difference • Believing that every person can become an advocate for change • Including everyone in the dream of a better world, a better life


Natasha Mudhar is the driving force and pioneering strategist of The World We Want (WWW).

With over 17 years of experience, her impactful insights and intuitive understanding of social imperatives, sustainability strategies and ESG leadership make her the go¬‐to authority for global clients.

Major players across continents, cultures and domains lean on Natasha’s expertise to bend the arc of their corporate vision to demonstrate sustainable purpose and achieve scalable impact. In the process, she has found her true calling, her raison d’etre – doing well by doing good.

We see our mission as the ideological twin of the UN SDGs. We set out to solve global issues – whether it is socioeconomic, health-related, or environment-led. We’re up for the challenge. To us, every one of the 17 Global Goals outlined by the United Nations is a task we want to participate in, a responsibility we are eager to shoulder. Goal 17 – Partnerships – is even more special, as that will help achieve all other 16 SDGs

From her invaluable role in spearheading the communications for the Spice Girls remake #WhatIReallyReallyWant, a female empowerment video for the Global Goals viewed by over 100 million, her work as the global strategist for the Commonwealth for promoting trade, innovation and investment within the 53 member states, to her appointment as the India Director for the Global Goals campaign to popularise the SDGs to 1.3bn Indian citizens, Natasha has been the driving force of the industry’s most cutting‐edge projects and campaigns.