The World
She Wants
What makes our world go round
Natasha is the positive energy and the vibrant tomorrow of The World We Want. For over 15 years, her impactful insights and intuitive understanding of business, brand, market, and consumer alike, make her the go­‐to authority for global clients, whether it is for growth and entry strategies, advisory and consultancy, or indeed setting and managing corporate sustainability agendas. Major players across continents, cultures, technologies and domains lean on Natasha’s expertise trusting her implicitly to bend the arc of their corporate vision to demonstrate sustainable purpose and achieve scalable impact. In the process, she has found her true calling, her raison d’etre – doing well by doing good.
“We see our mission as the ideological twin of the UN SDGs. We set out to solve global issues – whether it is socioeconomic, health-related, or environment-led. We’re up for the challenge. To us, every one of the 17 Global Goals outlined by the United Nations is a task we want to participate in, a responsibility we are eager to shoulder. Goal 17 – Partnerships – is even more special, as that will help achieve all other 16 SDGs.”
From her invaluable role in spearheading the communications for the Spice Girls remake #WhatIReallyReallyWant, a female empowerment video for the Global Goals viewed by over 100 million, her work as the global strategist for the Commonwealth for promoting trade, innovation and investment within the 53 member states, to her appointment as the India Director for the Global Goals campaign to popularise the SDGs to 1.3bn Indian citizens, Natasha has been the driving force of the industry’s most cutting‐edge projects and campaigns.