Every commitment begins with passion. Every goal starts with a purpose. Every effort stems from a belief. And that is why we created the Belief Mark. A metric for authenticity, diversity, fair representation, sustainable practices and mindful enterprise. A recognition of every person, purpose, possibility and perspective that stands for change.

A credo that will greenlight our certification process and new initiatives. A powerful mnemonic of global collaborations that bring together the best to better the world. A vision inspired by the indomitable spirit of a hummingbird that flies in the face of the impossible.
    The empathy of a generous heart that beats 1200 times a minute.
    The wisdom of a megabrain that remembers every forest, tree and flower ever visited. The commitment to work hard and work smart, always humming with positive action. The will to fly non-stop for over 500 miles, often alone, across continents.
  • The ceaseless hunger to take on challenges, the stamina to face the future.
    The ability to conserve energy and deploy it where it will be at its efficient best. The responsibility to weigh less than a nickel and leave the lightest footprint on our planet. The agility to fly backwards, forwards, upside down or even hover at a spot for hours. The sensitivity to see the unseen and hear the unspoken needs of our world. And the multi-hued promise that lights up the earth with its iridescence.
  • If something so astonishingly miniscule, can be the harbinger of something so amazingly monumental.
    Then we must believe that every little purposeful action we take, can shape our world in meaningful, impactful ways.
  • Let us be hummingbirds. Let us be confident, resilient, defiant symbols of change.
    Let us have the audacity to defy gravity, the boldness to inspire innovation and the tenacity to create and cherish a better future.
  • However small we are compared to the planet.
    The difference we make can be as big as our dreams.