The World We Want (WWW) is a global impact platform dedicated to addressing the world’s
most critical challenges and accelerating social change.
WWW converts intentions into action, transcends borders by uniting and galvanising
change-makers and organisations for greater advocacy. We build ground-up strategies,
utilise global communications and co-develop solutions to mobilise social movements.
Founded in 2018 as a Sterling Global subsidiary, our experienced team of strategists,
advocates, communicators/storytellers, and resource optimisers bridge the gaps in global
issues through systems thinking and a collaborative, process-driven framework.
Creating new pathways for resiliency and progress, WWW is steadfastly committed to
realising a more sustainable, inclusive, and equitable future for both people and planet.
In this critical decade for action, we are also catalysts and advocates for the United Nations’
Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 – the global blueprint for the future.
The WWW approach is guided by our proprietary performance metric:
Purpose x Impact = Pi
Purpose without impact is good intention wasted, and impact without purpose is misspent
effort. Pi is our benchmark and outcome on every project. It measures intent and efforts,
while delivering specific solutions that help to move the needle.