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The office needs to be a safe space if we have to return back to normal 

Amidst this push to the return to normalcy, employers have a delicate balance to achieve. As Liviu Tudor, the President of the European Property Federation and the developer of the IMMUNE Building Standard™ says, the office would inevitably have to accommodate three different kinds of people – the ones who are keen to return no matter what, the ones who need a degree of flexibility of working from home, and the ones who may be hesitant or vulnerable.  

Vaccine uptake lowest across all ethnic minorities

Data from a detailed study conducted by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has revealed that vaccine uptake is lowest across all ethnic minorities as calls for efforts to rebuild trust in public health to help encourage greater vaccine participation to grow.

Global efforts to tackle vaccine inequality gathers momentum

Some of the world’s biggest names have come together to call for a ‘people’s vaccine’ in which the equipment and treatment is made available through the lifting of patents, and the open sharing of technology and knowledge is made global so that the whole world can make great strides forward in putting the coronavirus behind us.