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The health and wellbeing of children is a critical factor affecting the potential of future generations.
Statistics show that on the one hand 41 million children under five are overweight, whilst on the other 159 million are too undernourished. With both extremes directly impacting healthy growth, something needed to be done on a war-­footing.


In order to lean on government bodies to develop and implement plans to tackle child obesity and under nutrition, we needed to encourage more people to join the cry for immediate help. On May 2016, we helped launch the Food Revolution Day – joining hands with British chef and campaigner Jamie Oliver as he hosted the longest ever Facebook Live campaign around the world.


Live streaming engulfed the entire world – starting in London before moving on to Australia, India, Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, Germany, UK, Brazil, US, the Netherlands and Canada – culminating in a record seven hour cooking marathon broadcast. We planned and executed the end to end publicity rollout, complete with political advocacy, event management and surround content. We handled the entire Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria) and India campaign for Food Revolution Day, raising awareness for the campaign to a whole new level, as we spotlighted the importance of addressing the double-nutrition burden that impacts these countries. We recruited and managed influential personalities, from film and music stars to celebrity chefs, leveraging their sizeable following to make the impact explode beyond a day and into a highly salient drive.